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Dynamic Speakers

Headphone speakers


A unit that uses a powerful neodymium magnet that can be used both as a music source and as a headset for communication devices.
The drive impedance and the thickness of the diaphragm can meet the customer's request.
There is also a double coil specification in which the coil is double-wound for fail-safe use.


■ SP-15B

■ Outer diameter 15mm

■ Impedance 8 to 600Ω

■ Efficiency / rated input 96dB / mW ・            10mW

■ Suitable for inner ear


■ SP-23BS-D

■ Outer diameter 23mm

■ Impedance 100-230Ω 

■ Efficiency / rated input 93dB /                      mW・ 30mW 

■ Double coil specifications

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